How to join

How to join

Membership requirements

The Association’s individual members shall be legally established companies that carry out their activities in the following areas:

A)Engineering in all its specialities such as Structural, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering, etc.

B) Consulting services in all specialities including Engineering, Economy, Social, Organisation and Business Management, Computer Sciences, Professional Training and Education, together with Research, Development and Technological Innovation.

C) Management of the Development, Construction, Operation and Conservation of all types of Works, Services and Facilities including forming part of turnkey contracts, or any other legally accepted formulas.

Likewise, with the aim of facilitating the development and application of its capacities, and given the advances in Science and Technology, other types of entities and sectoral groups will be represented in the Association, when these are related to the lines of business of member companies, pursuant to the provisions established in the articles of association.


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