Exclusive advantages

Exclusive advantages

Representation before the Administration

As a Spanish business association for the engineering sector, we defend the interests of our companies before public institutions and agencies.

Between all of us, we identify and address issues of unfair competition, we negotiate Collective Agreements for the sector, we work with the administrations on regulations and laws to apply best procurement practices  at a national and international level…

Business meeting point

The fundamental pillar of TECNIBERIA is its committees and commissions. Sharing ideas, problems and above all, solutions through these, is one of the services with the most added-value benefits for our members. We also foster contacts with highly relevant stakeholders for their businesses, whether these are influencing personalities, companies with high-interest services or prestigious advisors.

All of TECNIBERIA’s companies have the chance to take part in the exchange of knowledge at a sector-specific level through commissions and committees covering different areas that are held on a regular basis.

Active involvement in associations and institutions

The globalisation trend is no longer questionable. In order to achieve the greatest number of benefits and to disseminate our members’ messages, it is essential to form part of leading associations.

That is why TECNIBERIA is included in leading discussion groups at a national level (CEOE, ICEX,…) and at an international level (EFCA, FEPAC, FIDIC).

  • Participating in the association’s sectoral commissions, committees and work groups. Between 4 and 5 work meetings per year and theme, which enables the exchange of knowledge and experiences and sharing problems that affect the sector nationally and internationally, offering solutions and monitoring the progress thereof.
  • Issuance of Association Membership Certificates (in international tenders for which the company’s membership with the association is certified and with international federations FIDIC, EFCA y FEPAC), and FIDIC Certificates, which accredit that the requirements established by Spanish laws are comparable to the conditions established by the FIDIC contracts for proposals in which the tender requires or recommends said FIDIC regulations.
  • Official Distribution in Spain of FIDIC books, edited by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers. The FIDIC contracts are the standard engineering and construction forms used at an international level.
  • Employment portal, with databases of professionals and publishing job offers submitted by member companies is free of charge, through a network of 1500 employment portals present in 11 countries.

  • Negotiating the National Collective Agreement of Engineering Consulting Firms and Technical Design Studios Sector since 1977, representing companies within the sector before the Directorate General of Employment, Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security.
  • Member of the business part of the Joint Committee for Surveillance and Interpretation of the National Agreement for Engineering Consulting Firms and Technical Design Studios.
  • Active communication in sector-specific and general media
  • Over 50 meetings per year with senior executives from the Administration, Institutions and Agencies.
  • Access to the restricted Area of the website, with exclusive information for members, notes from official meetings, agreement notes, statistical data, publication of projects, offers for members, etc.
  • Newsletters offering the latest news about the Association and the sector.
  • Publications, strategic documents and/or technical corporate and/or economic considerations. These are sector-specific position documents to promote engineering carried out by member companies.
  • Organisation and management of professional and corporate, highly-specialised technical training activities for the Engineering sector: BIM, LCSP, PPP, etc.
  • FIDIC official courses. Since 2010, we have been conducting three annual editions of the only courses with a FIDIC-accredited diploma, training over 100 professionals each year; members can benefit from special conditions for completing the courses.
  • Joint presidency of the FUNDAE Joint Sectoral Committee for Engineering Companies and Technical Studios. With the following functions:
    • Mediating in discrepancies between company management and the legal representatives of workers and finding out from the group of companies in their sector included in the initiative, the training activities within the companies.
    • Establish the guiding criteria and general priorities of the sector-specific training proposal.
    • Taking part in activities, studies or sectoral research and submitting proposals concerning the National Qualifications and Professional Training System and the National Reference Centres for their respective areas.
    • Discovering the professional training for employment carried out in their sectors and drawing up an annual report.
  • Business representative on the General Council of State Public Employment Services, developing information, approval, monitoring and proposal functions for the SEPE’s participation in the Annual Work Programme of the National Employment System.

Through the activities and services offered by TECNIBERIA focusing on the promotion of engineering abroad, our aim is to foster collaboration among members and to contribute to the identification of new business opportunities, strengthening the sector’s position.

To do so, we highlight the following elements:

  • Liaising with the main stakeholders in promoting Spain at an international level.
  • Attending and/or representation in direct commercial missions, inverse missions, business delegations, agencies and institutions relating to the promotion of international activities and development cooperation (e.g. ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, AECID, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, commercial diplomacy, etc.).
  • Collaborations with national entities supporting international financing (ICO, COFIDES, CESCE, FONPRODE, etc.)
  • Participation in international associations (FIDIC, EFCA, FEPAC) fostering the exchange of information and knowledge in key issues such as procurement procedures, identification of barriers, opportunities in multilateral agencies, etc.
  • Resolving general innovation-related queries, free of charge.
  • Permanent information about national and international grants and subsidies, specific calls for proposals of HORIZON 2020.
  • Relationships with public Institutions and Agencies directly committed to Innovation.
  • Active participation in sectoral Organisations and Technology Platforms.

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